What Kind Of Investor Works With A Real Estate Wholesaler?

Every kind.

Professional Real Estate Investors

Professional real estate investors use wholesalers to find choice money-generating properties significantly below market value.

Aspiring Real Estate Investors

Aspiring real estate investors use wholesalers to “get into the game” by finding exceptionally low-cost properties.

Sometimes we also help acquaint them with rehabbers, real estate attorneys, property managers and others real estate professionals they will need to know. We can be their introduction to a network of resources that will help them develop profitable ongoing relationships in the field.


Many contractors not only build and repair houses for others, they invest personally. But they want to do what they do best – fix property, not locate and negotiate with motivated sellers or estates or banks or auctioneers.

We do the footwork and find the deals. They get the fixer-upper properties that make them money without costing them time.

Rehabbers and Flippers

Rehabbers and flippers work with us much the same way contractors do. These investors may not formally make their living as licensed home repair professionals , but they know enough home repair to take a “handyman’s special” property and make it an attractive home suitable for rent or resale.

We find the kinds of properties they most want, so they can get to work straightaway without all the time and hassles of searching, marketing, negotiating, and all the rest.

Successful Professionals

Doctors, Lawyers, Dentists, Certified Public Accountants and other financial professionals as well as other successful urban professionals use us to find great investment deals.

People with money know they need a place to invest it.  But where? They’ve seen stock, bond and mutual fund investments go through a endless roller coaster of ups and downs. They’ve seen commodity values plummet, and art and precious metal investments fluctuate wildly. They know that most businesses fail in the first few years, and they’ve seen investors who put money in them lose everything.

Now they want to invest in a field where they own real tangible property, not just paper.  Where rental income may give them streams of regular passive income.  Where tax advantages are plentiful, and where massive growth in the value of their investment dollar can be almost immediate.

Where better than in wholesale real estate, where they can buy properties 20%, 30%, 50% or more under market value?

Such investors may be new to the real estate field. We help them by finding deals and properties they don’t have the time to research themselves. Sometimes they’ve worked with real estate investors and seen the profit margins available and want to try it themselves. We show them how.

IRA Holders

Yes, you can invest your IRA funds in real estate. Not everyone who owns an IRA knows that. But smart investors do. Really smart investors know that wholesale property can produce the highest and quickest returns. And be the least expensive way to start, too.

Home Buyers

Home buyers often contact us, and we welcome them. Normally we buy investment properties for investment purposes. But if someone just wants to buy a home at a price that they can afford, we’re happy to do it.

Why would a home buyer buy wholesale? Because many a home buyer knows that what a thirty-year mortgage really means is not just “low monthly payments.” Over the long run, and taking inflation into account, they may end up paying twice or even three times as much in interest as the house was originally worth.

Paying cash for a home now can save hundreds of thousands of dollars over a lifetime.

Also, home buyers have also seen banks foreclose on houses in the millions. But a bank can’t take away a home that you own free and clear. Wholesale property prices can make that kind of direct cash purchase possible.

Canadian, European, and Global Investors

Canadian, European, and global investors are passionate buyers of wholesale real estate.

The reason is that the tax structures and economic policies of their own nations may make it hard if not impossible to make a investment profit in their native land.

America, on the other hand, actively encourages real estate investment and provides a rich number of ways for real estate investors to profit whatever their national origin.

* The profit margins here are often far higher.

* The number of taxes and regulations are sometimes radically lower.

* The number and types of properties available are massive.

* And the recent fall in American housing prices has made available some of the lowest bargain prices and greatest property investment opportunities that have ever been seen.

There has never been a better time to be a buyer of American property than now. Whether you’re American yourself on not.

Are There Things Global Investors Should Know About?

Yes.  There are special considerations for global investors.

For instance, it is sometimes better for a global investor to have an American form a special business entity called an L.L.C. (limited liability corporation) to buy property here. The global investor then assumes ownership or becomes a directing partner of the L.L.C. The L.L.C. buys, owns, and receives profit for the actual investment property, and the investor owns the L.L.C. This greatly simplifies the entire legal process, and can make effective property ownership available for global investors in literally a matter of a few days.

There are also tax issues. Each investor should investigate his own nation’s laws on this subject, but in our experience profits made in America are not taxed by other nations unless those profits are taken out of America and are brought into those other nations. So if the investor chooses to leave those profits here in the United States and spend them here whenever he or she visits America, or if he or she chooses to re-invest them in other ventures in America or elsewhere other than in their native land, or if he or she places them in a bank account in America or anywhere other than in their native land, taxes there do not apply.

It goes without saying that appropriate taxes must be paid, and American taxes, such as property taxes, must be paid on the property here.

But even taking all this into consideration, property investment is far easier and far more profitable when an investor invests in American property than in almost any other nation – which is why so many global investors are buying here.

Wholesale Real Estate:  It Makes Dollars Because It Makes Sense

Whether you’re a global investor or an American one, a contractor or an urban professional, a seasoned long-time professional real estate investor or a real estate investor just starting out, the fact remains that there is no better place to invest than America, no better time to invest than now, and no better area to explore than wholesale real estate.

The numbers speak for themselves. When you can buy a property at one-third to one-half or more below market value, how can you not make a profit? Why pay full market value when you can buy at a massive discount?

Asked about his unmatched investment success, investor Warren Buffet said, simply,”You are right because your data and reasoning are right.”  That’s why people who want investment profits invest in wholesale real estate.  It makes dollars because it makes sense.

We find the deals. You make the money.